For summer 2018, the PREMIUM GROUP trade shows are all about art. Whether it’s PREMIUM, SEEK, SHOW&ORDER X PREMIUM, #FASHIONTECH Berlin or BRIGHT: As creative connectors all Berlin platforms provide a space for business, creativity and shared visions. The art works which have been created in collaboration with contemporary artists, underline the concept of interdisciplinary exchange beyond the world of fashion.

Berlin-based artist Anselm Reyle, known from Berliner König Galerie, will showcase his art installation „Windspiel“ – a motorized hanging device made from aluminium – at PREMIUM. For his work the 48-year-old Tübingen-born creative uses ordinary materials such as foils, car paints, neon tube residues – basically urban waste – removes their original purpose and rearranges them in an alienated optical context. Some of his most recognizable works of art consist of the so-called “foil paintings” – shiny, wrinkled foils set behind Perspex – and his striped paintings with partly deliberately disharmonized color combinations.

What is the story behind „Windspiel“? Is there a link to the Station?
Like many of my works, „Windspiel“ are transformed ready-mades. I changed them in size and surface. The industrial, raw but also sacred-looking room of the Station is just ideal.

What do you appreciate about Berlin as a base?
The city is very open and multi-facetted. Money is not the most important thing, which is why so many artists live here.

What is your evaluation on the interdisciplinary relationship between fashion and art?
It’s come back only the last 10-15 years really. I like that art is becoming more popular and open. Designers make use of artists and vice versa.

Unconventional thinkers, artists and collaborators build the trendiest and most valuable brands and partnerships. That is why we at PREMIUM live and push this spirit and establish interdisciplinary relationships focusing this season on the upcoming connections between fashion and art.